Manage your Planning online
and your projects in collaborative mode

Web-Planning is the only collaborative application that simultaneously manages
the Planning of your resources and your "Gantt" project in real time

  • WEB-PLANNING 5TH GENERATION is completely designed with HTML5 & SCCS. This new release offers a unique experience in planning and project management within real-time collaborative mode.
  •  SLEEK DESIGN. The dark mode, as elegant as spectacular, offers a unique visual experience that will you bring you all comfort for your daily routines.
  • INTUITIVE MANAGEMENT. Web-Planning has it all, so as to respond to daily problems and to satisfy the most demanding. Even faster, more responsive, everything is editable, adjustable, so as to minimize your workload.
planning online

Manage your teams

Scheduling as you gaming

Managing your teams has never been easier.
Web-Planning gives a quick and intuitive start.

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project management

Lead your projects

With a great conviviality

Enjoy with new perspectives in project management.
Web-Planning enables you to simultaneously manage the Planning of your resources and your "Gantt" project in real time

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software planning online

Pilote your business

Become more efficient

With Web-Planning, you will have tools for analysis and statistics.
Assess the time-spent and costs.

Our solution

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Wherever you are, manage your projects and resource planning in an agile manner.
Collaborative enters a new era with


Its elegance and functional richness are an invitation to innovation and efficiency


The collaborative is an essential feature of our solution.

Web-Planning ensures all users consistently the same level of information


Friendliness and responsiveness make Web-Planning an easy application to use.
This is exactly what offers Web-Planning (Drag&Drop + Copy&Paste + many more...)


Web-Planning includes a lot of features which enables you to ease your daily routines.
With a few clicks you can analyze, share, export or import data, send emails, invitations or sms.


What would you think if you have in your hand the most powerful web application for a monthly cheape price?
Web-Planning makes it possible.
Just bui it


Store, share and manage online your Gantt Diagram

Web-Planning gathers the most powerful features to manage online & real time your Gantt Diagram. It is the only web application that combines planning and Gantt

Resource Planning

Intuitive features to manage your
Resource's Planning

With Web-Planning, resources optimisation and real-time scheduling gives you a new advantage. Responsiveness and efficiency are increased

Analysis & Statistics

Pilot your Business & evaluate your time or cost spent

Managing resources planning also induces to perform analysis reports online. Web-Planning helps you to create interactive pivot tables & charts reports

Real time

A rich internet application that gives you the freedom to evolve

With Web-Planning, collaboration enters a new space-time. Indeed, technology "Push Data" provides to all users instantly the same level of information


Don't limit yourself to just one platform : be free with iOS & Android

The world goes mobile as the information goes fast. Hence Web-Planning sticks into it and offers you to pilot your Task Events from your mobile devices in real time

Rights & Customize

High level of Rights and Settings
Your data are secured and Encrypted

Web-Planning includes a wide possibility in terms of rights Management and settings. Flexibility gives you a high customization and data are secure and encrypted

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