Web-Planning 5th generation is coming soon
Completely designed with HTML5 & SCCS
This new version offers a unique experience in plannig and project management within real-time collaborative mode

Manage your Planning & Project online

Web-Planning is the best collaborative application for the
online Planning & Project management


The collaborative is an essential feature of our solution.
Web-Planning ensures all users consistently the same level of information


Friendliness and responsiveness make Web-Planning an easy application to use.
This is exactly what offers Web-Planning (Drag&Drop + Copy&Paste + many more...)


Web-Planning includes a lot of features which enables you to ease your daily routines.
With a few clicks you can analyze, share, export or import data, trigger alerts, send emails, invitations or sms.


What would you think if you have in your hand the most powerful web application for a monthly cheape price?
Web-Planning makes it possible. Just try it

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Store, share and manage online your Gantt Diagram

Web-Planning gathers the most powerful features to manage online & real time your Gantt Diagram. It is the only web application that combines planning and Gantt

Resource Planning

Intuitive features to manage your
Resource's Planning

With Web-Planning, resources optimisation and real-time scheduling gives you a new advantage. Responsiveness and efficiency are increased

Analysis & Statistics

Pilot your Business & evaluate your time or cost spent

Managing resources planning also induces to perform analysis reports online. Web-Planning helps you to create interactive pivot tables & charts reports

Real time

A rich internet application that gives you the freedom to evolve

With Web-Planning, collaboration enters a new space-time. Indeed, technology "Push Data" provides to all users instantly the same level of information


Don't limit yourself to just one platform : be free with iOS & Android

The world goes mobile as the information goes fast. Hence Web-Planning sticks into it and offers you to pilot your Task Events from your mobile devices in real time

Rights & Customize

High level of Rights and Settings
Your data are secured and Encrypted

Web-Planning includes a wide possibility in terms of rights Management and settings. Flexibility gives you a high customization and data are secure and encrypted


The power & efficiency to an affordable price
(All our plan include support & assistance)


"SaaS" Plan
£ 10/month
Perfect for small companies
  • 10 Users (max)
  • 10 Resource's Planning (max)
  • Standard Options


"SaaS" Plan
£ 100/month
Best choise for middle companies
  • 100 Users (max)
  • 100 Resource's Planning (max)
  • Business Options


"SaaS" Plan
£ 200/month
Be free and get unlimited users 
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Resource's Planning
  • All Options


"In-Site" Plan
£ 400/month
Installed in your server
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Resource's Planning
  • All Options + Maintenance


Yes. Web-Planning is based on a technology RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) associated to an powerful SGBD.

That enables to push any changes from that SGBD to any computers and mobile devises in real time.

Our technology implemented ensure all users instantly the same level of information.

When it comes to manage resources Planning, a lot of company uses Excel or other tools even billboard, which are quite tedious when you have to perform many update.

Thus, Web-Planning brings you all you need : superbe user interface / Drag&Drop / Copy+Paste / Print out / Statistic...

Yes, if you have to deal with over 10 resource planning, then Web-Planning is definitely for you.

The client is free from any commitment and there is no exit penalties. Subscriptions modes are :

Monthly / Quarterly / Half-yearly / Annual. A 10% discount is granted for any annual subscription.

There is 2 main pricing plan:
* SaaS     - Offers you an access to private & secured portal (24/7). There is not commitment. Check-out our Princing
* In-Site - Web-Planning is installed in your (local/remote) server. Full options + Annual maintenance + 1 day training

Yes indeed.

Web-Planning can use either your "LDAP" (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or "AD" (Active Directory) or it's own "Employees data base" to carry ou the credential & authentification.

From the settings panel, just select the mode of the authentifcation to be performed; that's it!

Yes. As a matter of fact all your transactions are saved, since Web-Planning uses the technology RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) associated to an powerfull SGBD. Then, whenever you change a value, it is automatically saved into the database. Moreover, your data are emcrypted and only you hold the Key. (Constat us for more details)

Yes. We do provide support and assitance via (phone or EMail) and there is no additional cost at all.



Web-Planning is worldwide


We care about our users


Keep in touch with Head


We are in UK, SK, FR


Our story in couple of key events
  • March 1998

    Creation of the company SIM-Ltd

    Our core value is a simple norm we have imbibed from the great author, Wallace D. Wattles, which quotes :
                        Give everyone more in use value than  
                                 you take from him in cash value.
              Then you are adding to the life of the world 
                                     by every business transaction

  • Ferbuary 2002

    Web-Planning®© - Design & Copyrights

    Strengthened by extensive experience in Project leading & management we decided to design our own tools so as to cover a lack of tools on the market that was not able to both handle "Gantt + Planning" in a collaborative mode.
    Our solution brings all a Project Manager needs.

  • April 2003

    Our First Roll-out 

    Web-Planning is selected by a major player in the ERP market, "Intentia Consulting", and deployed to manage their resources planning in France, Denmark and Spain.

  • June 2007

    Web-Planning goes real time with  "RTMP"

    Data accuracy and delivery was one of our main concern. Hence, we decied to introduce the concept of "Real Time".
    This was possible with the technology RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), that enabled us to ensure all users instantly the same level of information. That makes Web-Planning the very first real time collaborative web application

  • August 2011

    Readiness for SaaS

    Encouraged by the success in license mode, the diversity of demand led us naturally to head to SaaS. Thus, all companies, regardless of its sector or size,  benefit from a collaborative web application for the Planning & Project Management

  • October 2016

    One of the most powerful "RIA" 

    Web-Planning rank among the most powerful web application
    (RIA: Rich Internet Application) used worldwide.
    More than 5,000 users appreciate its features

  • September 2017

    Desktop version

    The laucnh of the "Desktop" version is a real success. Having the same "Design" and "Process" its offers users, wishing to free themselves from web browser, much better performance and especially an "Offline" mode that enables to manage the resources Planning without internet connexion.

  • January 2018

    The 10,000 users, exeeced

    We are pleased to announce that the 10,000 users mark has been exceeded in early 2018

Best is yet to come 


Shape your future Planning with Web-Planning that brings you sharp design and refine functionnalities.
Drop us a message and we'll be glad to answer.
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